Madagascar Vanilla

Pure and simple using Madagascar vanilla extract and a bit of Madagascar vanilla beans

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, organic egg yolks, Madagascar vanilla extract, Madagascar vanilla beans, guar gum


Cardamom with Candied Kumquats

This has gotten to be a winter mainstay. Cardamom spice is the base with slices of candied kumquats folded in. The citrus in the kumquats are a nice match with this spiced up ice cream.

Ingredients. Cream, organic milk, cane sugar, cardamom, candied kumquats(kumquats, sugar), organic egg yolks,  guar gum


Local Meadowlands Tanzania Chocolate

Using a 70% Tanzania chocolate that is produced for us by Meadowlands Chocolate. They are located in Meadowlands, MN and sell their amazing 70% chocolate bars online and in specialty stores. We melt their chocolate bars in milk and cream and churn out a creamy, velvety chocolate ice cream. This is truly a gem and are thrilled to work with passionate chocolatiers. We have 3 of their unique chocolates available this winter: Tanzania, Venezuela, Peru. Not to be missed.

Ingredients. Cream, organic milk, cane sugar, Tanzania chocolate, organic egg yolks,  guar gum


Lavender with Wild Blueberry Swirl

Whenever we have this flavor available during blueberry season it goes quickly. Since we have found locally grown organic blueberries available to us year round, well....why not make it! Beautiful as it is flavorful with ribbons of blueberries swirled into lavender ice cream that has been steeping in milk and cream for a couple of days. Even if you don't choose this flavor when you come to the shop, at least sample this unique gem.

Ingredients. Cream, organic milk, cane sugar, dried lavender, wild blueberries, tapioca, organic egg yolks,  guar gum


Passion Fruit and Mango Sorbet swirled with Vanilla Ice Cream

Remember the creamsicles growing up as a kid? This reminds us of that flavor with the sweet tart of passion fruit and mango. This is a highly requested flavor and are so happy to bring this one back!

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, Madagascar vanilla extract, organic egg yolks, passion fruit, mango, guar gum


Peppermint Bark

This is our best selling ice cream during the winter months. We use dark and white chocolate along with crushed organic candy canes in a base of chocolate mint. Don't miss this flavor!

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, dark chocolate(cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, natural vanilla flavor, soy lecithin), white chocolate(sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), organic peppermint candy(organic brown rice syrup, organic evaporated cane syrup, peppermint oil, red beet color), cocoa powder, mint extract, organic egg yolks, guar gum


Key Lime with Homemade Graham Crackers

*contains gluten

Tart key lime ice cream base is perfect for Empire Coffee + Bakery's graham crackers. If key lime pie is your jam, this is your go to ice cream, tastes just like the pie!

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, graham crackers(all purpose flour, cake flour, butter, brown sugar, honey, baking soda, cinnamon, salt), key lime juice, organic egg yolks, guar gum


Sea Salt, Caramel, Praline Pecans

*Contains pecans

One of our best selling flavors since it was introduced in 2004 using house-made caramel sauce. This is the flavor that people come back for and I see my employees sneak tastes of!

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, brown sugar, praline pecans(pecans, sugar, butter, salt), organic egg yolks, sea salt, guar gum


Local Strawberry

We use local organically grown strawberries from SE MN farmers for this year round flavor. When the berries are ripe in June, we clean and freeze enough strawberries to be used in our popular strawberry ice cream.

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, local organically grown strawberries, organic egg yolks, fruit acid, guar gum


Non Dairy Ruby Roasters Coffee and Chocolate w/ Newman O's

*contains gluten

Central WI Ruby Roasters coffee is combined with chocolate to make this full bodied mocha flavor. All natural and organic Newman O's are folded in to complete this new and delish flavor!

Ingredients: coconut milk, cane sugar, Belgian cocoa powder, Ruby Roasters coffee, Newman O's (organic wheat flour, organic powdered sugar, organic sugar, organic palm fruit oil, canola oil, cocoa, natural flavors, baking soda, soy lecithin), tapioca, Madagascar vanilla extract


Non Dairy Strawberry

This flavor is a huge hit during strawberry season here in MN, we thought we would bring it back to get us through the cold winter months. Beautiful and chock full of strawberries!

Ingredients: coconut milk, cane sugar, strawberries, tapioca


Non Dairy Coconut Palm Sugar

Exclusively sweetened with coconut palm sugar. This alternative sugar contains potassium and minerals and other nutrients not found in your ordinary cane sugar. It's one of my favorite non dairy options with flavor notes of butterscotch, vanilla custard and brown sugar. Enjoy! 

Ingredients: coconut milk, coconut palm sugar, tapioca


Lemon Ginger Sorbet

Ginger juice from The Ginger People is used in this flavor - and a lot of it. Strong ginger with a lemon background for the fans that have been asking us for a bold ginger sorbet.

Ingredients:  organic lemons, ginger juice, cane sugar, guar gum


Coconut, Almonds, Chocolate Chips

*Contains almonds

Pure coconut pulp and almonds roasted for us at Midwest Northern Nut in NE Mpls. - yum. This is one of my favorite flavors because I love coconut and do not like the flakey texture so this flavor was created to give it a creamy coconut taste.  

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, coconut puree, roasted and salted almonds, chocolate chips(cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, coconut oil, soy lecithin), organic egg yolks, guar gum


Cookies and Cream

*contains gluten

Madagascar vanilla is the base of this flavor and we include organic and all-natural Newman O's(no Oreos here) for the cookies. No artificial colors or flavoring. ever. This classic is one of our top sellers.

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, Newman O's (organic wheat flour, organic powdered sugar, organic sugar, organic palm fruit oil, canola oil, cocoa, natural flavors, baking soda, soy lecithin), organic egg yolks, Madagascar vanilla extract, guar gum


Michigan Black Cherries w/ Chocolate Chips

New and exciting flavor!

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, Michigan black cherries(black cherries, sugar, beet powder, natural flavors), chocolate chips(chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, coconut oil), organic egg yolks, fruit acid, guar gum


Fresh Banana

Using organic and fair trace fresh bananas, this is one of our underrated flavors.

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, organic fair trade bananas, organic egg yolks, guar gum


Ruby Roasters Coffee with Cashew Toffee

*contains cashews

Central WI Ruby Roasters coffee is steeped for 2 days in milk and cream, strained and churned with Amish made cashew toffee.

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, Ruby Roasters coffee, cashew toffee(butter, sugar, cashew toffee), organic egg yolks, guar gum


Salty Vanilla Bean w/Fudgy Cookies

*contains gluten

Brand new flavor that we created using Empire Coffee + Pastry fudgy cookies. The sea salt combined with vanilla beans is an addictive combination!

Ingredients: cream, organic milk, cane sugar, fudgy cookies(butter, brown sugar,  baking soda, baking powder, flour, sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, vanilla), sea salt,  organic egg yolks, guar gum



We also have pints and/or quarts of other flavors available in our take out freezer. Here are the current offerings(subject to change):

Non Dairy Cinnamon

Non Dairy Pumpkin

Grapefruit Sorbet

Sweet Cream

Blackberry with Chocolate Chips

Door County Sour Cherry

City Girl w/ Cashew Toffee

Indonesia Cinnamon

Sri Lanka Cinnamon

A variety of Local Meadowlands Chocolate