Can Do Good!

Do you know someone who has done good for our community? Maybe they have done you a favor, volunteer  or made our community better? This is the place to nominate a person who deserves more then just a pat on the back. Pumphouse Creamery would like to thank those people for their kindness, good deed or service to others. It's our way of spreading some good to people who have done good!

We will review the nominee submissions each month and choose winners to receive the following Can Do Good! gift package:

  • $20 gift card
  • Pumphouse Creamery T-Shirt
  • Pumphouse Creamery ice cream bowl, made for us by Red Wing Pottery

Winners will be notified via email and announced on social media.

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Nominee Name
Tell us why you think they deserve a Pumphouse Creamery Can Do Good! gift package:

Coming soon!

We will announce our plans for our doggie ice cream donation.